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Gratitude… a quality that forces us to look inward for sources of strength to face life’s challenges. As I think back on my time here as an Auburn vet student, and now as dean, I think of those who studied here before me with a sense of gratitude.

I think of our current students and I think of the kids who dream of growing up to help animals and serve people.

Every open door I pass through reminds me of the lives changed by those who passed through them before me.

When I see empty podiums, I remember the great minds who stood behind them, teaching and inspiring students to be their best. When I visit the hospitals, barns and pastures, I’m reminded how every single day our alumni give animals the very greatest we humans have to offer.

I’m reminded of one simple fact each time I walk through these halls—we are here because of you. More than any brick or doorway, more than any lab or classroom, you are the heart of this institution.

Each of us plays an important part in this college’s admirable and storied past and I am honored to walk alongside you on our journey to make its future even better.

How can you make a difference for current and future generations of Auburn Vet Med Students?

Join the Auburn Vet Med Alumni Affiliate Group. Mentor a student. Share ideas about new student experiences. Offer real-world feedback regarding your education and professional readiness. Make a financial gift or commitment supporting scholarships, professorships, research, facility improvements or other areas of need.

Let’s work together to make our college an even better place for our students and faculty to excel. I challenge each of us to think big, to consider the many positive attributes that make Auburn unique and to help the college grow and advance.

Because I know together, we can propel our alma mater forward—so the kids dreaming of helping animals and serving people will one day walk proudly alongside us as Auburn Vet Med alumni.

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