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We are ready… On the heels of our college’s successful re-accreditation, 2020 brought unanticipated disruption from the global COVID-19 pandemic, protests against social injustice and a deepening financial crisis. In response to these historic challenges, solutions have emerged: innovative mRNA-based vaccines that boast high efficacy against COVID-19; a renewed social commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; and a veterinary services and research economy fueled by urgent societal needs.

Recognizing that innovation and progress can be driven by disruption, the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine embarked on a strategic planning journey in 2020 because we are ready to accept these and other formidable challenges. We will develop workable solutions that propel us toward even greater success over the next five years. The university, state, nation and world need the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine because:

  • A skilled and knowledgeable workforce is needed to protect animal health;
  • New challenges require new knowledge and innovative solutions; and
  • Our expertise is rare and valuable and we are in a position to work for the public good.

We will pursue a bold vision knowing that introspection and continuous improvement will lead to holistic success. We also recognize the resources required to fuel our college’s success must be generated creatively and used wisely. We have established a bold vision for Auburn Veterinary Medicine over the next five years

and we are charting a measurable course to get there. Over 2,000 of you have contributed to its design. Certainly, we are starting from a position of strength and stability, but today’s challenges are noteworthy. This plan will serve as our playbook to train competent and confident veterinarians and scientists, to conduct impactful research that advances animal health, human safety and biomedicine, and to deliver the highest standards of veterinary care — all while cultivating a practical, inclusive and collaborative climate that unites us as members of the Auburn veterinary family.

We have an exceptional team of faculty, staff and students whose talents, determination and teamwork will bring our dreams to reality. Nowhere is that talent more evident than in the stories included in this issue of The Auburn Veterinarian. Here, you will find accounts of emerging leadership, career transitions, durable commitments, devotion to the human-animal bond and the profound generosity of our alumni and friends.

Thank you for supporting the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine and joining us on this journey.

War Eagle!

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