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When beginning a story on the college, I seldom lead with a discussion
of the sixth and final goal of our strategic plan: Operational Excellence. Yet, those
of you engaged in veterinary practice, academia, government or industry recognize that operational excellence is the foundation for success by any measure — productive graduates, impactful research discoveries, a healthier planet, a favorable bottom line, etc.

This issue of the Auburn Veterinarian is filled with examples of ways in which the College of Veterinary Medicine thrives through partnerships to resourcefully create educational opportunities and grow in scholarly reputation. The Auburn Creed characterizes such synergism as mutual helpfulness and I would contend that operational excellence through partnerships is the engine that will drive our college’s advancement in everything we aspire to do (

What are the qualities of a good academic partner for Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine? I would place shared vision at the top of the list and would list trust, integrity, work ethic and the Auburn Spirit as core values underlying that vision. Inherent within

the Auburn Spirit is a deep belief that everyone is welcome and feels a sense of belonging as they work to achieve their greatest personal potential in support of Auburn’s institutional success.

The College of Veterinary Medicine has partnered effectively with other colleges, organized veterinary medicine, government entities, athletics, corporations and a vast pool of supportive alumni and friends. The partnerships described herein represent only the surface of a deep and complex network that underpins the successes we celebrate today and forms a scaffold for our emerging opportunities.

I hope that these stories — made possible through strategic and mutually helpful partnerships — will motivate you to join or re-enlist with us on this exciting journey.

War Eagle!

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